Coffee Date with Genius Insight

Hot Coffee Date…. Care to join?

Seriously, here at QHA, we always enjoy a hot latte in the morning. Strange how we seem to gravitate towards French locations in Santa Barbara in search of that perfect elusive latte. Today, as we type this, we are sending you greetings from The French Press in Santa Barbara. A small establishment that may very well have that perfect latte. Oh yeah… they are already offering pumpkin spice latte’s… no guessing what time of the year it is!
This weekend begins with some great highlights. So exciting, we are almost peeing our pants!

New Genius Update

(solving the freaking library dilemma)

I think I officially have bald patches from pulling my hair out over the last month or so. So with the few tufts left, please download the latest updates below for both Android and iOS. The issue with the individual library items combining with all the items in the library is now resolved. Now you can select the specific category and run an analysis accordingly… Yay….

Also Making The News Today…

We have just completed a website for one of our Genius Insight clients and we think it came out quite stunning. Please visit their website and let us know what you think. Click here

If you are thinking about a website for your practice, drop us an email and we will be glad to help!

New Harness System for All iLife/iNfinity and Genius Insight Users

Below are the new images of the Geo Wristbands. This is a pre-sale event. Orders yours today! Shipping begins in 2 weeks time. The rubberized straps are easy to clean and consist of a highly conductive material. The strap and Geo Flower of Life will have a 3.5 mm audio jack connection. This will result in a more effective therapy session as the balancing energies will be delivered through the Flower of Life Geo as well as the entire surface of the new straps.

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